Ashtanga yog Sadhana

Weight loss, a strong and flexible body, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good health - whatever you may be looking for, yoga has it on offer. However, very often, yoga is only partially understood as being limited to asanas (yoga poses). As such, its benefits are only perceived to be at the body level and we fail to realize the immense benefits yoga offers in uniting the body, mind and breath. When you are in harmony, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling With all this and much more to offer, the benefits of yoga are felt in a profound yet subtle manner. Here, we look at the benefits of yoga practice

All-round fitness. You are truly healthy when you are not just physically fit but also mentally and emotionally balanced. This is where yoga helps: postures, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation are a holistic fitness package. The benefits accrued by being a regular practitioner are numerous. Some very discernible ones are:

• Improves Health
• Gives Mental Strength
• Increases Physical Power
• Protection against Injury
• Detoxifies the body

Benefits of Yoga
The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual's mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps to manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. It improves respiration, energy and vitality. Practicing yoga might seem like just stretching, but it can do much more for your body from the way you feel, look and move. Yoga asanas build strength, flexibility and confidence. Regular practice of yoga can help lose weight, relieve stress, improve immunity and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Yoga for Health
Yoga and Menstruation Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga and Eye Sight Yoga and Memory Yoga for
Ailments Yoga and Asthma Yoga and Back Pain Yoga and Heart Yoga and Obesity.
Yoga and High Blood Pressure Yoga and Common Cold Yoga and Diabetes-An Alternate
Therapy Yoga and Arthritis Yoga in School Yoga Centers

Importance of Yoga
Yoga is not a religion; it is a way of living that aims towards 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. Man is a physical, mental and spiritual being; yoga helps promote a balanced development of all the three. Other forms of physical exercises, like aerobics, assure only physical well-being. They have little to do with the development of the spiritual or astral body. Yogic exercises recharge the body with cosmic energy and facilitates.
• Attainment of perfect equilibrium and harmony.
• Promotes self-healing.
• Removes negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body.
• Enhances personal power.
• Increases self-awareness Helps in attention, focus and concentration, especially important for children.
• Reduces stress and tension in the physical body by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

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